Update #18 - Thank You and Your Feedback!


Hi Backers,


First and foremost, we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us throughout this project as we have finally delivered these pre-orders. Thank you for staying with us through all the ups and downs and we do hope you enjoyed being part of the journey. As for this update, here’s a quick summary:


  • If you still haven’t received your umbrella yet, email us at hello@hedgehogproducts.com

  • A feedback form will be sent to selected backers for product review

  • Bluetooth trackers scheduled for Spring 2018 delivery

  • Gift cards to be issued once online shop is ready

  • Instructional details on the integrated enclosure and interchangeable canopy


As always, more details can be found below.



Team Hedgehog

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Now that many of you have received the umbrella and hopefully had the chance to use it, we would love your feedback on the product so we can understand how to improve it in the future. We’ll be emailing a selected few with a quick survey over the course of the next week that should take you no longer than 2 minutes to complete. If you didn’t receive an email survey from us but would also like to fill one out, just send us a PM or email.


Bluetooth Tracker

For the Bluetooth tracker add-on, we are still working closely on this with our Bluetooth partners. Judging by our current status, we aim to have this tracker ready for shipment by Spring 2018. We will be emailing separate updates regarding the progress to those with who pre-ordered the tracker.


Gift Cards

We’ll be emailing the gifts cards which can be used on our website. We’re still updating our online store at the moment and expect this to be fully ready in a week or so. These gift cards will be valid for 2 years until 2019.



We know there’s been some confusion regarding some of the features and difficulty with swapping the canopy.

For the integrated enclosure, we’ve described the design changes back in Update 03 and reasoning behind these modifications. We designed a small cavity in the handle which allows quick and easy storage of the umbrella enclosure. The handle strap now serves a dual purpose, for easy carry as well as keeping the enclosure securely tucked inside the handle. With the open handle design, this allows easy moisture ventilation which was a large issue with the original spring enclosure design.

Enclosure separate from handle (left) and enclosure stored inside handle (right)

Enclosure separate from handle (left) and enclosure stored inside handle (right)


You can also download the instructions from here as well:

Please feel free to email us directly at hello@hedgehogproducts.com with any questions or concerns and as always, we aim to respond within 2-3 days. As we near to the end of the year, we wish you all a Happy Holidays!

Assembled Production Umbrellas


Team Hedgehog

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