Update #10 - Production update

Hi Backers,

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. We’re sure everyone is anxious to hear more about the umbrella’s progress and updated production schedule.


Sample Production Umbrella

We’ve received our sample production umbrella from our contract manufacturer for initial quality checks and testing. The umbrella was 100% fabricated by our contract manufacturer using the sample tooling created. After receiving the umbrella from them, it has so far confirmed all our design goals set at the beginning of this project. The umbrella is robust, lightweight and extremely wind-resistant. You can check out our new wind testing results from the video below:

Sample Production Umbrella

Sample Production Umbrella


Production Schedule

Creating the sample tooling did take slightly longer than expected, however the results have been critical to creating our sample production umbrella. As such, the production tooling has been pushed back and will require additional time to properly manufacture. Right now our suppliers are on holiday until the second week of February where they will resume tooling fabrication. Based on the timeline from our suppliers, production tooling will require another 4-5 weeks to completion with proper quality checks along the way.

Upon completion of tooling, we will be doing a production test run where we will assemble a small batch of umbrellas which will go through an extensive quality checking process. This will involve inspecting all individual parts and overall assembly from dimensional measurements to the final stitch of the canopy. This is to ensure each and every umbrella is of the highest standard. Once this is complete and all quality checks are met, we will proceed with full production mode on the remaining units. Once inspection is completed, shipments will begin.  

With the updated timeline, we anticipate the production tooling to be complete around mid March with production to commence right after. The team will be onsite to monitor the processes and ensure quality checks along the way to minimize any further delays. We are working with an international fulfillment company with warehouses in Canada, US, UK and Hong Kong to ensure quick and efficient shipping.


What’s Next?

Short Term Goals

  • Monitor and push supplier to complete tooling and enter production as soon as possible.
  • Setup logistical details
  • Prepare second trip to China to supervise production and perform final inspection.
  • Ship and distribute umbrellas to our amazing backers

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate and send us a private message. We aim to respond within 2-3 days.

Again we cannot be more thankful for your patience and for believing in us. We are truly on the final stretch, this project would not be possible without your support.


Team Hedgehog

Misc Q&A

Q: Can I still pick up my umbrella locally?

A: We are still trying coordinate potential local pick-ups in Vancouver and Kitchener/Waterloo area. More details will be released about this on a later date.


Q: Are these the final colours for the umbrella frame?

A: The white coloured plastic was only used to create the sample production umbrella for quality and testing purposes. The final colour scheme will feature semi-transparent grey components to blend beautifully with the sleek carbon fiber. Check out the final renders below for what the final frame will be like